Mother Nature

I was thinking last night (at 4:30 in the morning when I couldn't get to sleep) about how we feminize abstract things. For example, "Mother Nature" is of course being attributed as being a female entity. I'm guessing because of her beauty and unpredictability. The same goes for Justice and Liberty. The symbols for Justice and Liberty are both female.

In such a patriarchal society, I wonder how/why these major abstract concepts are represented by woman. Subconsciously society must know that women are the backbone to any well functioning community, even if they aren't always given proper credit.



  1. That's actually a really good question. I'm not sure why we do that...(This is Buckeyegirl31 from Xanga.)

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  3. Very good question. I oft wonder the same thing, mainly battling the idea that maybe the labels are backhanded compliments. Like when Mother Nature cast her fury she is on the rag ie Snowmeggdon, hail storms, tornados etc. Otherwise, she is serene and gorgeous like a spring day until that time of the month. In terms of justice it could be seen to place the fickle nature of the system on the woman for it was Eve that had Adam break the law and take the blame. HA! Back handed compliments are much to be desired. LOL!

  4. It might have to do with the nurture and care associated with being a mother.


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