Technology is against me

I thought that technology was supposed to work WITH us, but lately I've found that most of the time technology is working AGAINST me. Somehow in the past two weeks I have come face to face with multiple technological anomalies, things professionals have said they've never seen before. Even the base of all technology, electricity, decided to hide away from my office for about three days. Can't work in the dark, without working computers, routers, or modems. I've had at least 5 "technology hates me moments," and I'm ready to regain my technosavyness once again. I'm not a pro, but I can usually work my way around a tech problem, but lately 1's and 0's have gotten the best of me.

Technology for the most part doesn't have a consciousness, at least not like that of humans, but what if something happened where technology did seemingly turn against us? I'm talking iRobot, Robocob, Terminator type turn against us. I don't think we could survive. We've placed so much dependence on technology that things would crumble pretty quickly at the absence of electricity, or the absence of a crucial server.

And what would happen if those developers and IT professionals at the top of their fields decided to turn against us? They really run the world, one line of code and they could probably turn our computers against us, make our twitter accounts eat our memory and have our cell phones turn us into slaves to a technological alien race.

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  1. i just realized the other day that we depend on a little digital thing to tell us when to start our day and when to do things. it has power, if you think about it.


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