Government regulation on things we eat.

Officials in many cities have banned the use of trans fats in restaurants.

Philadelphia and New York City officials are proposing a "soda tax" on beverages that are sweetened with sugar (2 cents per ounce).

Fast food restaurants have been forced to print calories their menus in some cities.

From what I've heard, much of which from our Mayor here in Philadelphia and other officials, these things are being done to facilitate in producing healthier Americans.

Some would say that the government is going out of their jurisdiction by regulating what
we eat. All the changes appear to take small steps in having the public eat healthier by forcing companies to produce healthier foods. But some are afraid that this isn't a place for government intervention, and that the public should be personally responsible for their eating habits.

Do you think it is helpful for the government to force companies to produce healthier foods, or is it the role of the individual to seek out the healthier alternatives to the foods produced?


  1. I'm kind of in favor of the intervention. It's obvious that we've been given enough chance to make our own healthy decisions-but we're not.

  2. i wouldn't tend to agree with the banning of certain items..but i don't really have a problem with the trans fat ban

  3. I'm for it. I think our whole idea of eating and government standards need an overhaul. After working in schools for three years, I can tell you that what the government oks for cafeteria use is just as bad as any fast food restaurant. It's definitely time for a change.

  4. Its all about being aware of what people are eating. Restaurants and fast food joints for years have hidden what they put in the food. More often than not transparency will lead to better decisions. As long as the government doesn't raid the fridge they are welcome to dinner anytime.

  5. This is something I go back and forth on constantly. On the one hand, I think the fact that the government regulates our food (putting producers interests before consumers) has gotten us into a huge mess. Agricultural subsidies are paying farmers not to produce while people starve.

    With that said, trans fats are the reason behind diet-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity. Sure people should have the freedom of choice. But should we give them that freedom if the result is detrimental to their health and lowers their overall quality of life?

    P.S. I found you via 20SB and love talking about food issues! Love the blog!

  6. Hi Kaity! Thanks for coming by. I agree, there are good arguments on both sides.


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