"It's in Between" - An iPad review

"Isn't is just a big iPod touch?"
"What's the difference between that and a laptop?"

I have the iPad, and it is awesome. The answer to those questions is that its place is in between a laptop and an iTouch. It takes the iPhone/iTouch to a whole new level. With much more screen real estate it allows for more functionality in the apps that were already available, and for the development of new apps that take advantage of a larger touch screen. If you didn't think an iTouch or iPhone had a place in your life, I doubt you'll find a place for the iPad either.

This is going to be a short post because I've come to the conclusion that opinion on the iPad is like that of choosing a political party. If a person doesn't like it, or doesn't believe it a legitimate gadget, then I have about the same amount of chance of making them like it as I do convincing a Republican to become a Democrat.

To all the iPad haters, you'll catch up to the cool kids one day. :-D

My iPad scoring: 9.8 (-.2 for easy screen smudging and lack of flash)

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