Love is transient?

I wrote a post a while back on my wonderful hubby and how I adore him, on that post someone left the comment:

"ENJOY it while it lasts..."love" is one of the most transient things on the face of the earth "

Transient means "passing, especially quickly into and out of existence," or "passing through or by a place with only a brief stay or sojourn." Is love transient? I would have to say it is not. People can and are in love, and love each other for years. True love is neither quick nor brief. Instead of transient, I'd argue that love is fluid. It changes from day to day, it ebbs and flows, but the love remains. Love isn't all puppy dogs and fairy dust, it has its ups and downs like any other part of the human experience. The puppy dog and fairy dust elements of love are transient and fleeting, not real love itself.

Some people give up after the puppies have died and the fairies have lost their wings, in which case, it wasn't love to begin with. I've said it a handful of times before, and I'll say it again, true, mutual love is worth fighting for, and it takes work. If you don't wish to fight for your love, or put work into it, find a field of puppies and fairies, and have a nice time.

Do you think love is transient or fluid?


  1. it certainly takes on different forms.

  2. I love this post!! I agree 100% :o)

  3. What I said on 20sb: 100%. Wholeheartedly. And I believe in soul mates. Why? Because I found my own.

    Don't listen to that commenter, she's just jealous. I would know. When I was 13/14 and told my friends I met the girl I'd be with forever, they laughed. When I was 15 and said we'd never break up, we'd get married and always be together, I was made fun of. When I turned 16 and we got engaged, friends (obviously all these "friends" were NOT actual friends and I dropped them) my friends would laugh, say that we'd split up, we were too young, etc. Same with 17.

    And when I turned 18, I made her my wife. And here we are, almost three years later and my love for her has only grown. We love each other, we're together literally 24/7 - as we work, live and play together, we get along great and we're totally crazy and passionate with each other. We have great communication, trust and respect for one another and like our love, this has only grown.

    Don't listen to the jealous haters. They probably just want the kind of relationship you and your hubby share!

    I'll go check out your blog for sure!

    Annnd what I'm saying here: Seven years after we started dating, almost three years married, Jen and I are still puppy dog and fairy dust in love with one another. So that too, doesn't necessarily fade. <3

    I hope the puppy dogs and the fairy dust and everything fluffy and deep down romantic never fades for you and your husband. ^_^

  4. I totally agree with everything you said. And you said it so elegantly and eloquently that I don't think I could add anything without seeming repetitive.

  5. I would say it's very much fluid. I think a lot of people can't hack being in love because they expect those feelings to never change. Love is work and I say that all the time. Very nice post! :0)

  6. I think the reason some folks get the idea that love is transient, is because to them, love stops at feelings. It doesn't go further.

    But the truth is, love is so much more than butterflies and mushy feelings. Feelings are fickle. Love is something that encompasses the WHOLE relationship, not just the emotional part.

  7. Being "in love" is transient. The feelings come and go. If you ditch a relationship or a marriage the first time the feelings go, then your marriages will be transient as well. Love, though, is action. I stay with my wife, not because I am always infatuated with her. As a matter of fact, there are some times I'd like to strangle her. I stay with my wife because I've chosen to love her despite faults, hers and mine, and the feelings always return, even after they seem like they've gone forever.

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