Redefining Mondays

Mondays get a bad rap. They are associated with the Monday Blues which is going back to work after the weekend. I think it is time to redefine Mondays. It doesn't help our moods if we always dread the first day of the week.

Let Monday set the tone for your week, start out positive. Monday is a new beginning, and who doesn't like new beginnings? Monday is a fresh start, and a new weekend to look forward to.

Happy Monday.


  1. Love this.We should always want to start our week off in way.

  2. I do try, just doesn't always work out.

  3. Man, it's so tough though! I do need to be much more positive about Monday. Maybe I will now that the semester is over. Hm. :0)

  4. Honestly, Monday's are my favourite day of the week. Even though Sunday is technically the first day of the new week, I've always treated Monday as such.

    The feeling that comes with that is always one of renewal and hope, because it's a new week with the chance to rewrite the bad and miserable happenings of the past week.


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