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A got the question/comment on my formspring: "how about writing a poem :0)"

I love seeing people recite poetry, and I have a lot of poet friends that are really awesome at what they do. I wish I was as talented as them lol. I've written a couple poems. I think I'm much better at blog writing than poetry writing.

Never Neverland - 3/20/2010

Sometimes the pressure of my fairy tale weighs me down
I have my knight in shining armor and am on my way to Happily Ever After
But with the glitter comes wicked step sisters and evil step mothers
Wart-ridden frogs attempting to steal me from my prince
I just hope this glass slipper never breaks
And my carriage is never to be a pumpkin again.

Run - 7/30/2009

There's no place like....

Not home.

Running through an open field
Nothing in sight but air and clouds
A 75 degree sunny day with a light breeze
Blowing a white linen dress as I run
Run freely, to nothing, away from nothing, just run
Feel life as I run
No one in sight, nothing in sight
Air and warm sun

Upside Down - 3/5/2009

I feel like I'm upside down, although I'm right side up, because my head is spinning like I'm continually doing somersaults.
I can't sit still because my mind is in constant motion, unable to concentrate, and un-silenceable
I want to jump up outta my bones and get away from self.
I feel too old and too young at the same time. Rushed and held back. Not needing rest but wanting to lay down.
I feel upside down.

What do you want? - 11/25/2008

What do I want?

Nothing. Really nothing.
I don't want anything.
I don't want to talk, text, chat, type, nothing.
I just want to be be.
Pause the world around me so I don't miss anything and nobody misses me.
Pause the world around me so that I can drift, in my own world, just me.

Adulthood - 10/30/2008

All of adulthood is piling up on me.
Bills, pap smears, drug tests, debt.
I don't feel old. Not old enough to experience death and loss.
Regret & anxiety.
Dread & nostalgia.
Afraid of my present.
The present that use to be my highly anticipated future.
That post-graduation future that I thought would be sweet smelling and rose filled.
Once I got here it was more like dandelions amongst crab grass.
But no crabs in a barrel here.
The only one holding me back is myself.
Stuck to the bottom of the bucket by the glue of obligation.

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  1. "What do you want" is awesome :]

  2. I really like the first and the last one lots. Poetry snaps! :0)

  3. I especially liked Never Neverland.
    I've been known to write poetry in the past as well, but I usually get caught up in trying to make it rhyme. I guess some of the best poems don't rhyme at all...


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