Oh the possibilities...

My very first question to my formspring: What's the best part about being newly married?

Hmmm. I'd say the best part about being newly married is that at this point, the possibilities are endless! It's like entering into a new business venture. We're figuring things out and planning for the future. We're a young married team. Two people ready to take on the world. In the short term the plan is:

1 year - buy house
2 years - buy new car
2.5 years - trip to Amsterdam
3 years- start talking about children
4 years- well needed cruise to take a break from a potential one year old child lol
(this is a rough estimate of our 4 year plan)

We had a marriage-ready relationship before we actually got married so our general relationship hasn't changed much. The main difference, and what makes this newlywed phase exciting is the future planning, and moving through life as a pair now. Our futures include each other, and that is pretty cool.


  1. being newly married seems so exciting. I only hope I make it up to that stage...one day.

  2. Fun plan...but you're right...the important part is that the future includes each other!

  3. Awesome! I think that's how marriage should be considered. You two back to back (because everyone is fighting to break you up) moving together doing what you need to. I love your picture, btw. :0)

  4. You make married life sound fun. But to me, making plans and accomplishing goals is fun. lol The media makes marriage sound miserable with constant bickering and compromising your desires. I pray that you have a very fruitful marriage! Take care! :-)

  5. haha. in three years, you'll start TALKING about children. i like that. ;)

  6. awww...this was beautiful...I am creating my dream team of people that will be on my life panel and you are one of them. Your packet of info will be in the mail! LOL


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