Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm coming to the end of a 3-day weekend in which I was/am sick the whole time. As such I watched a lot of television. In particular three shows that have had quite an effect on me. Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Being Human, and Doctor Who. What has been the effect of these shows you ask? I've somehow acquired a (bad) British accent that I have to consciously get rid of after watching one of these shows! I sound even worst than Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Suddenly bloke, limey, shag and blimey are part of my vocabulary. It is quite strange. But I LOVE these shows.

Dr. Who - BBC

That is "The Doctor." This is a cool sci-fi, semi-drama series. The Doctor is quirky and funny, and his red headed sidekick Amy Pond is fiery and feisty. The premise is that The Doctor (who has manifested in many faces by multiple actors over the years) travels through and manipulates time helping humans and aliens in his TARDIS (an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which normally appears to be a blue 1950s British police box.

Being Human - BBC

So a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire walk into a bar.....well actually, in Being Human they all live in a house together. The series takes a look at these three former humans as they struggle to balance their new state of being and their human selves, while trying to hide who they are. I love this show. The plot is great and the characters and character relationships are great. This is probably my favorite show right now.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Showtime

That is..well, it depends on how you know her. In her "real" life, that is Hannah, but when she's working, that is Belle. Belle is a call girl, escort, prostitute, she call herself all of these things. I like this show. It takes a really humorous look at sex, while still having a story line that is engaging. The different relationships in this -Hannah's and Belle's- really delve into human relationships in an interesting way. I love the main actress, Billie Piper.


  1. Haha are you sure you just worn't delusional in you sick state? I haven't seen the first two, but the last show I hated it.,. Maybe it was just me!

  2. @Carina LOL, it could have something to do with being sick :-)

  3. So Awesome, I'll check out the other two shows as well!!!

  4. thank you for visiting my site. check back soon <3

  5. I love watching BBC programs. What channel does the first two come on? I'll have to check those out

  6. @CC both come on on BBC. I downloaded them by season, not sure what exact channel tho. I love them!

  7. Did you know that Billie Piper used to be the Doctor's companion on Dr. Who?

  8. @dutch84- yea i realized that! I have to watch the seasons she was on.


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