What kind of vacationer are you?

I’m coming off of a lovely 4-day vacation holiday weekend. While in my restful four days off I contemplated the different types of vacationers there are:

Dress-up vacationers
Dress-up vacationers buy new clothes, bathing suits, accessories, etc. for their vacation. Their philosophy is Why impress the people you know and see every day with new clothes when you can impress complete strangers you’ll only meet once? lol

Dress-down vacationers
Dress-down vacationers only pack their most comfortable, and usually most ragged clothing to go on vacation. Their philosophy is I’m on vacation to relax, who cares about fashion?

Ultra site-seeing vacationers
These vacationers have planned what they will do when out of town months in advance. They plan to hit all the spots they’ve seen on the travel channel, and only plan to be in the hotel room to sleep.

Home-away-from-home vacationers
These are the people who plan to do what they always do in their leisure, just in a different location. They trade watching their favorite shows at home on the couch, for watching them in a hotel room a few hundred miles away. It’s the change of scenery and lack of work that makes their vacation.

I consider myself a little bit of all these types of vacationers, with the exception of the Dress-down variety. I don’t generally buy new clothes, but I will pack my best outfits. :-) Depending on the location I want to balance seeing the sites, with napping in an exotic location.

What kind of vacationer are YOU?


  1. I think i'm a little of the sight-seeing one because that's how my family has done it, but also I'd like the idea of the home away from home because home for me is the people I go with.

  2. Somewhere between sight seeing and dress down. I'll bring some clothes of we plan on going out but other than that I like to be as comfortable as possible and see wherever we're at. I do a lot of pool slide lounging and relaxing too.

  3. I'm between dress up and dress down. I like new things...but I want to be comfy...


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