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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All for college

After I graduated from college and my six month grace period had ended I received my first bill for repaying of my student loans...approximately $100 a month for one set of loans, and $160 every three months for the other. Semester after semester I signed my life away on promissory notes because I had to get the loans, because I had to go to college, and college costs money, a lot of money. My estimate for when I will be done paying them back is October 24, 2018. All for college. I graduated in 2008, so that means I will be paying off a 4 year experience for 10 years. All for college. Was it worth it?

Well, college is definitely a racket. You will pay close to thousands of dollars each semester for books you will only use once, that will come out with a new edition before your class is done so you can't sell them back to the bookstore. You will take countless numbers of classes to cram countless numbers of facts into your head that you won't remember pass the final exam. Classes and facts that you will never use again. Perhaps 30% of your classes will be things that will actually help you in your career (if you are like me and had a non-traditional major). Your GPA means NOTHING once you graduate (although I graduated Magna Cum Laude and proud of it). So, is college worth it?

Well, I guess I can say it was. Only because a majority of my success in my career and performing life has been based on the people I met in college, not necessarily the classes (although some were very beneficial). College puts you in a position to meet people that can help you to further yourself and your career. I’ve found that "It isn't what you know, it is who you know" is a VERY accurate statement when it comes to life. Although I am a pretty sharp tack, and always had been good in school, it was the relationships that I made with people that have gotten me where I am in life. I could not have made those relationships without going to college.

Perhaps I could have just hung around a college campus for four years and not have to pay student loan bills every month?....hmmm? ;-)

P.S.- I absolutely loved college.


  1. College is definitely a racket and I'll be paying student loans off for the foreseeable future ...but I enjoyed college far more than I expected I would. I made life long friends and received a world class education, and I'm reminded of it every time I get my student loan bill in the mail every month LOL

  2. @Claire - I definitely enjoyed my time in college. I wouldn't do a thing differently.

  3. yeah, i think it was worth it. i couldn't do what i do now if i hadn't gone. long-term, it'll be worth it even more than it is now.

  4. Ahh, college. I could go into grave details on its inadequacies. For example, one-sided and misguided lessons masquerading as educational mandatories for graduation ie TU's IH courses (now Mosaics), professors who make you buy books that they have written as REQUIRED readings because they need to supplement there incomes instead of actually teaching, adding/altering your major in your junior year elongating your college stay to an extra semester or for some extra years which in turn makes the Financial Aid Office the Financial Burden. The only power play in this sudo-educational money racket are the networking connections made outside of the classroom. Acquiring degrees in Education, Psychology, and Theatre Arts in my day-to-day I use none of those classroom teachings as I am now an International Author and Performance Poet (none of which I studied in college). I suppose I say all of that to say...I could have had a V8, sat in the middle of TU's Liacouras Walk and attended a few organization functions and acquired the same educational tools sans Student Loan debt. I mean let's be real folks, our "founding fathers' only had a 6 grade education!


  5. @Tamesha - I feel ya. The old alma mater definitely has it's short comings. And I agree, the connections are the most important thing I got from TU.

  6. I didn't even pay close to $1000 last year for books. I used this site called and it compares book prices from many different websites and sellers to get you the lowest price. That website saved my life and saved me a TON of money. I probably paid about $600 last year for books.

  7. I like your new layout.
    Did you get it from Blogger?

    I loved college too, and I think that if you pick the right major, it's well worth the time and money!

  8. @Dutch - Thanks! Yea I got it from blogger, in the new template system.

  9. Hm, I graduated from college, however, things didn't turn out as I expected after graduation. Too deep to get into. I hate to say this ,if you ever become unemployed student loan is a ruthless b... I still owe and you don't wanna know my age. I suggest you put every extra dime into paying those suckers back. College was a great experience, but I say go to a good tech school save your money and make good money. Sorry I wrote too much. haha

  10. the rate of return maybe slow, but i think it'll be worth it once i'm done.

  11. The first time I went to college (since I'm planning on going back in September, if all goes well)...I was very lucky. I went to a school that was relatively inexpensive. I had a few scholarships. I had an Uncle who had set up a trust fund for college educations of family members and I lived at home so I only had a few other expenses. I did take out one loan, but I paid it off in two years or so.

    Now that I'm planning on going back to school, I am definitely not looking forward to having to go through the process of taking out more loans, so I'm seriously considering only taking a class or two at a time.

  12. College is a huge investment but I am so glad I did it. It truly is a wonderful experience and I wish more people wouldn't have to worry about the headache of money to attend it. After being out of college for a year, I sure do miss that place! I can't wait to go after my Masters but of course money clutters my brain. I feel like college should be free!!! Especially if you maintain a certain GPA and if your grades start to fall then you should have to pay back loan. Yeah I like that idea better :)

    P.S. Great topic by the way!

    Your fellow 20SBer,
    Arika. L

  13. @Arika I agree that college should be free! Or at least way less expensive than it is. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :-)

  14. Stopping by to say hello! Thanks so much for joining the party - can't wait to see which 2 blogs your recommend!


    [Life of Meg]


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