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Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm not perfect

I don’t know everything, and I’m not perfect. No one is. Because of this, I think it is imperative to keep up with personal and professional development. We owe it to ourselves to hone whatever crafts God has blessed us with. I always liked school, so the prospect of classes, even post college, excites me (unless the classes are boring). These are things I would like to take classes in and work on:

I can most certainly use to actually develop a singing skill. People who know me outside of the Internet would say “But you’ve been in musicals!” Yes, I’ve been in musicals, because I could dance lol. I’m not even sure if I have a good voice or a bad voice, because I am very intimidated by the prospect of singing alone. As a performer, it is time to burst the singing bubble, even if only to lightly accompany my acting skills.

Graphic Design
Most of what I know about Photoshop, InDesign,Dreamweaver, etc. has been self taught, or from brief training from a former boss. I think I have maxed out my self training and it is time for me to upgrade into some formal graphic design classes.

I haven’t had a formal acting class in about 2 years. To grow as an actress I think I need to have professional eyes on me at least once a year. I have just recently been cast in a production that I think will help me grow exponentially (YAY!) so I will hold off on paid classes until after that is finished.

What is an area where you feel you deserve to grow and should take classes/lessons?


  1. I want to take a writing class, because it is my ambition in life to write a novel...

  2. i definitely am still learning about myself everyday.

  3. @dutch84 - writing a novel would be awesome, you can do it :-)

    @Thu- most definitely. I don't think we can/should ever stop learning about ourselves.

  4. its inspiring that you follow your dreams. lol ive always wanted to be some sort of performer spoken word/comedian/social commentator, music or actor. screw it! how about all of it ;)

  5. @Barloga - I could definitely see some of the stuff you write being done as spoken word pieces.


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