A new perspective on jealousy

We all know jealousy and envy are wrong, it says so in the bible. Yet, it is human nature to admire what others have. This admiration doesn’t have to be a bad thing if handled correctly. Instead of thinking “Oh my gosh, what she has is so awesome, I’m so sad I don’t have that,” or “Oh my gosh, what she has is awesome, I hate her for having it,” we should say, “What she has is awesome, what do I need to do to obtain that same thing for myself?” You could take your admiration and make it motivation, instead of letting your jealousy stop you from progressing.

Actually, even before you make that determination you should probably ask yourself do you really want/need what they have, or are you just suffering from the “grass is always greener” syndrome and just think you want it because they have it?

Don’t let that green eyes monster get you down.
See, he doesn’t look happy does he? That’s because he spends all his days wishing he had something he doesn’t really want instead of doing what he needs to do to get what he really needs.


  1. Some stuff I just think I need. Many times I know I'm just wanting it cause someone else has something I don't and not because it'll add anything to my life. Good thought about turning it into motivation. I think it would help us assess and see whether or not we actually want that thing.

  2. indeed. STEP IT UP! :]

  3. I don't get that jealous about material things, its more...relationships that get to me.

  4. @SilverNeurotic - yea, I think the hardest form of jealousy is that of admiring another's relationship when you are hoping for your own. There really is no easy fix of getting that for yourself.


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