YouTube Tuesday: Breast Ironing in Cameroon

Although last week's YouTube Tuesday was a funny one, this week's is far from comical.

This is a mini documentary about the breast ironing happening in Cameroon. Mothers are putting hot stones or shells on their daughter's breasts in order to keep them from growing, in hopes of lowering the rate of sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

While the mothers are trying to protect their daughters, the honest thing is it is horrible to resort to deforming a young child to attempt to protect them from abuse. In essence these little girls are being abused to protect them from abuse. And the fact remains that perverted men will still look at them with a sexual eye, small breasts or not.

Definitely a sad situation.


  1. It's sad that mothers have to go to this length to protect their daughters.

  2. I was horrified when I saw this on the Huffington Post last week. It's awful what people have to live through. I even wrote and article on it to try and raise awareness.

  3. @Verita - your article was nice. Now that it is picking up knowledge throughout the internet hopefully there will be a closer eye on the subject like their is a female genital mutilation.

    @Buckeye - it is just very sad.

  4. this has gotta be like the 3rd blog that i ran across that mentions this.
    its fucked up man! it burns my biscuits then leaves me all depressed =/ . i like to think that this human suffering wont last forever and that enlightenment and peace is just around the corner =)

  5. Wow... I'd never heard of this. Thanks for enlightening me.


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