Dream Vacation

I was asked via formspring: What’s your idea of a dream vacation?

Definitely a cruise.

We did a 5 day cruise for our honeymoon and it was great. Cruises incorporate all the great elements of a great vacation:

-Multi-locations without the worry of transportation
-Hotel room feel (room service!)
-Activities or excursions, on shore
-Great food
-The ability to be social if you want, or be hermits if you want

We’re going on a 7 day cruise in December, and I can’t wait!


  1. I like cruises because of the flexibility and the bang for your buck. My family is large and like to do different things and we can be together but do what we love on a cruise.

  2. @kiera181 - DEFINITELY bang for your buck.

  3. I want to go on a cruise. I just need to save up enough money. Like you guys are saying. It'll probably give me the most bang for my buck!


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