Letting Go

I was asked on formspring: How do you know you need to let something go in your life? and similarly, What is the best way of letting go?

This is a good question for me. In the past I’ve had a history of holding on to people, places, and things, longer than what was beneficial for me. I get a sentimental attachment that blinds me from what really needs to be done. How do you know when you need to let something go? When that something is no longer beneficial to you in the way it once was, it is time to let go. This can be hard because you can be holding onto relationships, jobs, etc. for what they once were to you. As time goes on things change and in order to grow in life some things have to be let go of when they no longer have the value they once had, or the value you need.

This can definitely be hard when it comes to relationships, both romantic and friendships. Sometimes this can be equally as hard when it comes to a job, or a volunteer commitment. I think you should treat anything that takes your time as if it was a person. If you wouldn’t stay in a relationship with a person who no longer valued you or who didn’t give you the treatment you deserved, then you shouldn’t take that kind of treatment from a job or any other time commitment.

What is the best way of letting go? This might seem too simple, but just let go. That initial severing of ties is going to be important, but if you have decided that a person, place, or thing isn’t worth the time spent with it, then just cutting the cord is what you have to do. Cutting the cord and keeping it cut. Wavering back and forth isn’t fair on whatever it is you must leave behind, and it certainly isn’t beneficial for you.


  1. This post helped me a lot. Just let go... I'll ask another question about this on formspring. :-)

  2. @Thu - Gotta get free! :-)
    @Kiera181 - thanks. I answered your follow up question on formspring too.

  3. I have a friend that really needs to read this. She is obsessing over a guy and it's just making it harder and harder on her...

  4. @Natasha- that is often a situation where a person just has to let go.


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