Youtube Tuesday: "Raindrops"

It is Tuesday, which means it is time for another YouTube Tuesday! Today's video I watched at work and thought it was hilarious! I showed it to my husband just now and he categorized it as "work funny" as apposed to "home funny." The distinction is that "work funny" stuff isn't that funny at home, but when you are working and are seeking any form of entertainment to break up the monotony of the work day, it is funnier. I can't really tell, because (as you will see) it's not really a video that is funny the second time you watch because you know what's coming.

Let me know, is this funny?

P.S.- I found this on BooksontheTrain's tumblr


  1. omg i love leejay and passion. laneshe, i know you have good taste, but this just proves it! :]

  2. Love it. I also agree that it isn't *as* funny the more you watch it.

  3. I'm kind of in a bad mood so nothing is all that funny, but I imagine if I was in a good mood I would love it.

  4. I was thinking about a couple videos you could use for your youtube tuesday. The first one is the "double rainbow" video:

    and the second is the Bed Intruder video.
    The funniest part about the bed intruder video is the song they made from it

    Those are the most recent youtube gems I've heard of.

  5. @dutch84 - I just watched the double rainbow video this morning, it is crazy. All the remixes are even crazier!


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