Natural hair makes you unique?

I read this post by Natural Urbanista the other day about recording artist Laura Izibor. She was recently seen on the red carpet with sleek straight care as compared to her curly look of previous.



Two of the comments on that post stuck out to me:

"I like it natural too, sorry but she looks less unique with the straight 'do." and

"Wow, now she looks like everyone else in Hollywood. That's not a good thing!!! "

Then today I read this post over at Black Girl Long Hair about a makeover of a naturally curly woman's hair from curly to straight:

Before & After

I couldn't help but think along the lines of those earlier comments. I think her new look is nice, but in my mind it makes her look "normal." I'm not sure where that comes from. It may be that because I have natural hair I am just inherently biased. It could also be, and this is more likely, that because the majority of women (regardless of race) wear their hair straight, a woman rocking her naturally curly tresses stands out to me because it isn't the norm. Naturally curly hair also tends to be bigger than straight hair, which makes it stand out. Just like a woman with a closely cut hair cut looks more unique because the average woman doesn't have her hair cropped to less than an inch.

I guess this is the part of the post where I say: To each his/her own, we all have our own preferences, their hair isn't my hair so it shouldn't matter, etc. etc. ;-)


  1. i have always felt this way. Even when i press my hair i feel like i just blend in with the crowd. Just another woman with straight hair. Which is why i only flat iron my hair once a year. I definetly feel like i loose a lil bit of my swag when its straight. :)

  2. I like the natural hair better. I guess it just depends on personal preference, but I wish more people would leave their hair curly...

    although, hypocritical of me to say because I do straighten my hair sometimes.

  3. @Tarin, I've found that I internally feel cooler, the bigger my hair is lol.

  4. @ShimmerBodyCream - Yea, I think for my preference I generally like to see people with their hair curly. Although they are not trying to please me, I still have my preference lol.

  5. I guess it does make us unique. I have no preference for my hair. I like to have fun with it. My hubby and my son like my hair better when it is curly.

  6. @Erika - yea my hubby likes me hair better when curly also, he pretty much likes it as wild as it can be lol.

  7. I like her hair curly. I think it's cute. And she definitely blends in with the straight hair. I can think of a million and one people she resembles in that second pic. But that's so typical in Hollywood. They suck all the uniqueness out of people.

  8. either way works! wooo. but yeah, natural hair is freshingly different, because so many women have straight hair.

  9. I found your blog through Mingle Monday. I like the curly hair better too. My sister has curly hair- she chemically straightened it once and never again. I, on the other hand, have wavy hair and blow dry it straight all the time because it just looks frizzy other wise.

    I like your blog!

  10. I'm kind of with you...her hair looks AWESOME in that first picture, and pretty fake in the second.

    Saying hello from mingle monday!

  11. @Natasha & Chloe - Thanks for stopping by! I love Mingle Mondays, I'll be checking out your pages!


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