Let a blind person walk by

When you find yourself face to face, walking towards a blind person on the sidewalk what do you do? You step aside so they can go by because you know they can’t see you, they can’t see where you are coming from.

This has to be the same method we chose in life when someone is (metaphorically) blind to our point of view. There are people who you can’t make see things the way you see them. You don’t stand in front of a blind person and tell them to see the world as you see it. You move and step aside. When you’ve come to the point where you cannot open a person’s eyes to what is best for you, for them, for a situation, etc., you’ve got to step aside and let them continue to walk.

If the way they see things is best for them, then they will walk smoothly. If not, they will have to navigate life’s potholes and sidewalk cracks themselves.


  1. fuckin' golden topic!! lol
    i wish i have the ability to spell it out like you. i tend to run into this quite a bit when i go out - what if that person was really tight and i never gave them the time of day or vise versa. the pendulum swings both for sure ...

  2. *nod* There definitely is a point when you/we need to just stop trying to make a person see things our way and step aside. If they don't want to be convinced, they'll find a way not to be.

    It's sometimes hard to let go, but… it's also sometimes necessary.

  3. i don't think anyone could have said this better. nice point.

  4. @Barloga - Yea sometimes we encounter people who's eyes just can't be opened.

    @ifonearth - Yea, sometimes a person has made up their mind not to change their mind, and we have to step aside at that point.

    @Thu - Thank you :-)

  5. very true.... I've crossed that path many time. Actually going through a situation like this with a close friend. I've stepped aside and she is navigating those potholes and cracks alright... lol.

  6. awesome analogy! you got this post spot on, i like how you put it :)


  7. @Chanel - sometimes people can't see until they reach those set-backs. Thanks for coming by :-)

    @Vonnie - Thank you! :-D


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