Today the FCC allowed Comcast, the nation’s largest cable and internet service provider, to merge with NBC Universal. Everything about the Comcast-NBC merger is bad for consumers. It is VERY dangerous to allow a cable provider to own a cable network. NBC content which use to be available in online resources, and places like Netflix could soon cease to exist, if Comcast feels you should only be able to see your Law and Order: SVU or Saturday Night Live through their cable exclusively, or only though their web service.

There is certainly nothing “neutral” about this merger. Comcast is being given more and more power towards ruling the media. I know in Philly you almost HAVE to have Comcast in some neighborhoods.

If you don’t have Comcast, you will still be affected because Comcast can now charge its competitors large amounts to carry NBC, which in turn will lead to higher fees for you, for what has always been a “basic” channel.

As if there isn’t already enough media bias when it comes to the news, I’m sure we can expect no negative light to be shown on Comcast, or any of its affiliates on NBC news programs. THIS IS DANGEROUS. The media is being literally bought by this corporation.

Check out for more info on media reform, this merger, and what you can do to encourage the FCC to work in the favor of the people, as they should be.


  1. i have so many bad things to say about Comcast's service, it's so ridiculous and reading this just tops it off. ewww.

  2. I thought these kinds of things were illegal? Anti-trust acts or whatever?
    I'm getting reeeeeally sick of this happening.

  3. @Thu - yea, their service is bad, I only even have their cable now because I got it for a month since I was entertaining for New Years Eve.

    @Bee- the FCC keeps finding loop-holes to let these kinds of things happen. :-\


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