The Totally Cool Story of 25 Years Ago

At this exact moment 25 years ago I was in my mother's tummy, ready to make my entrance into the world. I had already forced my mom's water to break and I was ready to go! Well actually, my mom had slipped and fallen on some ice and her water had broken, but she didn't know it until later that evening...My grandmother hypothesizes that she may be going into labor and they head to the hospital, its baby time!...however, my mom had different plans, she would not push. My mother was highly superstitious at the time, and exactly 25 years ago from right now would have been January 13th. She would not have me on the 13th, because 13 was an unlucky number!

The doctors did their doctor magic using their doctor drugs to keep everything calm until the 14th began to roll around. On January 14th, 1986 at 8:31am I came into this wonderful world. But there was a problem! I was a girl! I was suppose to be a boy! "I wanted a booooooy!" my mother exclaimed. Having to think of a girl name, as prior to me coming out with a vagina my name was to be Lamont, on a whim, my mother came up with LaNeshe'.

And that is the story of my birth. Happy Birthday to me!! THANK YOU MOMMA


  1. Aww that's a beautiful story! Its a blessing to have a strong mother in your life! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy birthday!:) I loved reading the story!

  3. Happy (late) Birthday! See, this is why I need to be on Facebook everyday.


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