Current Obsessions

TV: Misfits

Misfits is a British TV show that comes on the E4 network. Oddly enough, I only came across it because I saw a picture of Antonia Thomas (second from the left) and I loved her hair and looked her up. I'm happy I did because I LOVE the show. The premise is that after this freak storm the five main characters and other people in the town inherent odd powers. I know it sounds cheesy but the storytelling is great, and the characters are awesome. Within the last two weeks I've watched all of the first two seasons. I can't wait for the third.

Games: Game Dev Story for the iPhone

This is my current iPhone obsession. Game Dev Story is a simulation game where you run a game development company. It's kind of like an advanced game company version of that old Lemonade Stand game. You have to make decisions, hire and fire staff, make games, advertise, etc. It's like running a real company, I love it.

Online: is my new favorite website for hair product shopping. The concept of the site is similar to an eBay. You can buy and sell new or partially used hair products. It's great because it gives you a cheap way to try out products, and also a way to get rid of products that didn't work for you but might work for someone else.


  1. Misfits sounds like it might be good. I'm going to have to check it out!t

  2. How do you make your layout have those tabs at the top that link to other pages like "formspring" and your contact info?


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