What to do with 25?

Well, the day is upon me, I will be 25 on Friday.

I'm not dreading it at all, or counting down the days left in my 20s. I'm just kind of wondering, what do I do? Do I do anything? What have I done? How big of a deal is this really? lol

There is always this pressure on any birthday. Maybe it is artificial pressure. The thought that everyone expects your birthday to be special. The pressure on knowing how to answer "What did you do?" and "What did you get?" perhaps?

I think I'm in a pretty good place for a 25 year old.

What is in store for my 25th day? - working, a chocolate caramel cake made by my bosses husband, and Indian takeout with the hubby post-work.

What is in store for my 25th month? - ending the month with my girls in our annual January birthdays celebration out.

What is in store for my 25th year? - buying my first home, and most likely getting pregnant (yes, I said the P word lol)

What do I hope for post-25? - more opportunities to perform, getting myself healthier, developing an even stronger marriage, being a good parent (again with the P words!)


  1. Happy early birthday!!!! I hope that 25 is an age/year of growth and prosperity for you and your Hubby. As you are welcoming 25 I'm saying good bye to it. I'll be 26 in March Yikes!!! I'm getting old girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday LaNesha. You and mom favor a lot. Oh yes, best wishes w/ the "P". JH


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