Be proud of your achievements - on your own timetable

In World of Warcraft (don't worry, this won't be a video game post lol) there are guilds - your group of friends in the game, and achievements - certain goals the game has set for you to achieve. When you get an achievement it broadcasts to all your guild members.

I recently got an achievement that most players get at a lower level. When my achievement was broadcasted through guild chat I was slightly embarrassed at first, feeling like I should have completed it much earlier. In retrospect I should have been happy with my achievement, regardless of if it was accomplished on the "normal" timetable or not.

This happens in life. We let the fact that we achieve later than "normal" overshadow the fact that we have actually achieved. A "non-traditional" student may complete their Associates degree without even a pat on the back to themselves because they feel they should have had it already.

Embrace the timetable that your life path has set. Relish in reaching life's milestones on your time, forget everyone else's timetables. Everyone's lives take different paths, and the roads may be shorter for some and longer for others to reach the destinations (degrees, marriage, children, employment success, fame, etc.)


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