Idris Elba > Tyler Perry

My heart stopped today to hear that Tyler Perry has been chosen over Idris Elba to portray Alex Cross in the film depiction of James Patterson's novel, I Alex Cross.

I LOVE the Alex Cross novels, and after seeing Idris Elba's portrayal of a detective in the U.K. series Luther I dreamed of the day where I could see him play Alex Cross. I loved Morgan Freeman's portrayal in the past Alex Cross movies but I was sure Elba would nail the character. On the same day that I hear Idris Elba was even considered for the role I hear it was given instead to Tyler Perry! *heart breaks*

I've had some words for Tyler Perry in the past, when it comes to his directing, but I don't really have a bad opinion of his acting, I just have a much greater regard for Idris Elba's acting.

Alex Cross is suave, handsome, charming - but serious about his case work. These things I feel Idris Elba can fit right into. Not that I think Perry will suck, Idris Elba just fits better! I mean, does this not look like Alex Cross to you? (for those familiar with the novels)

This is how the conversation transpired between my husband and I when I found out:

Timothy: did you see my tweet?
*he had tweeted Idris Elba > Tyler Pery*
me: yea, what show was that for?
Timothy: ?
me: what show did they chose Perry over Elba?
Timothy: the next alex cross movie
me: OMG NO!
OMG NO!!!!
I'm crying, no really
have they seen Luther?!?! come on!!!!
Timothy: lol!!!
maybe he'll break out some madea for us
me: He's ruining my life right now
Timothy: lol
me: and it's gonna be I, Alex Cross?!
Timothy: yep
me: seriously?!?!
Timothy: we're not alone in our assesment lol
me: I could die right now
Timothy: me too man, me too
that's just horrible
me: ugh
Timothy: to add to that, rob cohen is directing, he made such films as XXX and The Fast and the Furious
me: ..............
F that, I'm not watching it lol
Timothy: lol
it wen't from cool to horrible
me: I'm sad, cause I really would have liked to see Idris Alba portray that man
Timothy: yeah man, that's a perfect match
me: Tyler Perry is not handsome enough to be Alex Cross
he's not cool
Timothy: lol
not at all
me: there is mad sexual chemistry with the girlfriend, he's got no sexual chemistry
OMG, my brain hurts
I need a cookie or something lol
I just have an apple lol
I can't with the world right now
Timothy: lol, sorry to break the news to you
me: how is James Patterson o.k. with this?
medea might make an appearance
Timothy: lol, i'd die laughing
me: I'd kill myself
Timothy: i know you would lol
I love how my husband is amused by my pain lol


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  1. I've never heard of Alex Cross, but may have to pick up the first novel. Sounds interesting! From what you've described, Idris does sound like a better fit.

  2. @ Marie - the Alex Cross series is really good! You should check it out.

  3. I need to read this series. I feel all kinds a outta the loop for having not already done so. Ps: this made me laugh a lot.

  4. ahaha your conversation with the mister was so cute and silly!

    but yeah Idris Elba! I liked him on The Wire, when I used to watch a lot more tv. hehe.

  5. @ccarothers - if you like mystery you'll love it.

    @Thu - I loved the Wire! I never watched it while it was on, but I watched the whole series within the past 4 months or so lol

  6. When you think of Alex Cross, Idris would be the perfect fit for that role, Tyler Perry, unfortunately in my opinion, doesn't cut it for me.

  7. I've never heard of Alex Cross until now, but even I think that Idris>TP. I don't see TP as a serious actor. The little I see of him (like when he plays Brian in his Madea movies) he's OK, but when you're looking for serious and sexuality I would not choose him.

    I feel your pain.

  8. Oh man, that just ruined the movie for me. TP is so not Alex, I can`t see him like that at all. Idris would be wicked as Cross. I`m with you on this. I think I`m gonna cry too.


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