The Awkward Files: Audition Waiting Room

I'm pretty sure the audition waiting room is one of THE most awkward situations one can find themselves in. I had two auditions today which made this ever more apparent.

You've got people walking around contorting their faces and making strange sounds intertwined with "red leather, yellow leather" or some other various tongue twister.

"Break a leg" is never more trite than in the audition waiting room. Either you are saying it to someone you don't know as a courtesy, but you don't mean it, OR you are saying it to someone you DO know, and are generally friends with when you are not competing for a part, in any case, you still don't mean it lol.

I guess what you really mean is "Break a leg... but not better than me lol"


  1. Lol i bet that would be the most awkward place to be---and nerve wrecking too! I've never auditioned for anything but I can imagine how you feel in the waiting room! Good luck with all of your auditions!

  2. The tension as thick as mud pie. My nerves would have been frazzled. glad u pulled through.


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