I am a Woman

I am a woman. I am kind, nurturing, and caring. I am feminine, yet strong. I am beautiful. I am fierce. I am determined. I am sexy.

I am a woman. Which means that 7 days out of the month I am a woman on her period, or a woman about to be on her period. This means my hormones are going bazurk, I feel like I'm huge, my uterus hurts, my back hurts, my head hurts, chocolate is my new best friend, I am starving- but I have no appetite, and not to mention, I am bleeding from my nether-regions. This is what you can do to support me during this time:

1-Do not mention my period: Yes, I may be on my period, or about to start it, so I do NOT need you to suggest "are you on your period?" or "is you're period coming?" If it is, I'm likely to hit you. If its not, I'm likely to hit you for suggesting it is.

2-Be nice: Extra nice! I'm probably feeling the worst I've felt since 28 days earlier. You don't have to wait on me hand and foot, but perhaps ask if I need anything, or if there is anything you can do for me. Yes, this comes every month, but it doesn't get any easier to deal with.

3-Don't laugh: Cramps HURT, and at times it takes some weird body positions to get any relief. Whether I am doubled over in fetal position or standing on my head you better not laugh!

4-Leave me alone: If I have no other obligation in the day, I want to sleep. If you have already completed step 2 of these instructions, your job is done, unless otherwise specified. No need for any more attention unless I ask for it. Let me sleep. The best part of the day when I am on my period is the time when I am not awake.

5-Hold me: No, this does not contradict number 4. This is where the unless otherwise specified comes in. If I call you into the room, or ask you to hold/hug me, hold me for a little while, give me a little kiss on the cheek or forehead, rub my tummy, etc . Once again, this is if your presence is requested, if not, just stick with number 4.



  1. Lol love it!!!!


  2. Don't forget...make her tea and bring her extra pillows. haha.

  3. Lol, this is so funny but oh so true!

  4. You know, I may have to print this out as a cheat sheet for my bf next month! lol very funny (but accurate) post!

    ~ H

  5. LOVE this! Amen to everything you said- the head stand one made me laugh!

  6. Hey it's ex fatgurl from Mingle Monday. So Glad I stumbled upon your blog because it def made me smile. You are speaking some truth girl!

    - Ex Fat Gurl

  7. haha! I love this and yes, let them know. We go through it, all for them.. MEN-o-pause, pre-MEN-strual cycle... without us there would be no them so i'm sayin... can a sista get a back rub or sommin?! lol

  8. So true. I used to get horrible cramps. Now I'm on birth control so I hope it lessens them.

  9. what a beautiful post. the sentiment , am sure, is echoed by many women the world over.

    thank you for sharing

  10. @Everyone - THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS! Glad you liked the post :-D


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