Protective Styles

I was asked on my formspring: Do you have any suggestions of protective styles other than twist outs and braid outs?

First I should say that I don't consider twist outs or braid outs to be protective styles since the ends of the hair are out, and the hair is loose and can tangle. To me a protective style keeps the ends away, and decreases the chance of tangles. Protective styles I like are:

1. Buns

2. Two-strand twists: These can be mini twists, medium sized twists, or even large twists that you can pin up or leave out in a style. I like to do medium sized twists and set them on rollers.

3. Roll-tuck-and pin: This is really quick and easy. Essentially you roll and tuck the hair, pinning as you go. No tangles, and the ends are protected. HERE are good pictures of various roll-tuck and pin styles on Google. And below is a video from Jenelle of Kinky Curly Coily Me! (one of my favorite natural hair blogger/vloggers.)


  1. Thanks for the tips & Jenelle's link:) I like wearing braid outs now, but will need these protective styling ideas come winter.

  2. @MerelyMarie - yea, since hats are a must for the Philly winter, I'm usually keeping my hair twisted lol. I do love a good twist-out though. Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. I've been considering wearing my hair in a bun.

  4. Love it! I'm always looking for new styles!

  5. great suggestions. I am currently wearing my hair in braids for 2 weeks. The longest I have ever worn a protective style


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