TV Show Graveyard

Losing a good TV show hurts sometimes. You become engrossed in the story, and begin to care for the characters, and then BAM... the show is canceled. There are a few scenarios when it comes to show cancellations:

1.The show is canceled while in the middle of the current season, which usually makes continuing to watch the show bitter sweet. It's like reading a book that you know will never have a real ending. It also seems like writers give up on a show once its canceled, and the remaining episodes just aren't good anymore.

2. The show is canceled after the season finale, before another season airs. This usually leaves you with the feeling of never really getting to say goodbye. Questions that you thought would be answered in the next season will forever go unanswered.

Here is my TV Show Graveyard:

Chicago Code

I really liked this show. I don't think it was given a fair chance! It didn't even get one complete season before they axed it!

United States of Tara

This was part of my Shotime double header, the other half being Nurse Jackie which was thankfully not canceled. I LOVED this show. I think Toni Collete does a GREAT job of portraying all the parts of Tara. I will admit that I was starting to wonder where the show could possibly go at this point, so maybe it is for the best that they are ending it, before it "jumps the shark." There are two episodes left, and from the way things are going, I think audiences might get an actual close to the story before it goes off air.

Flash Forward

This was another show that I felt didn't get a fair shot. I was really invested in the storyline and the characters, only to really be left hanging when the season finale came around, and I could never more forward with the story. I really hope maybe one day the Sci-Fi channel will pick it up and continue it.

Lights Out

Another show that only got one season. I'm not even a boxing fan, but I was TOTALLY invested in the story and the characters. At least with this show I feel like I did get a season finale that actually gave me closure.

What TV shows do you think were pre-maturely canceled?


  1. TCC was the ish, why they can't just move it to FX! I will miss it!

  2. I heard "The Chicago Code" was good, but didn't really watch it.
    I was kinda sad to see "Harper's Island" go.

  3. I got a call from my sister. She said she is going to write a letter to Fox & start a petition to bring back "The Chicago Code". I suppose it's serious! LOL

  4. @MerelyMarie- I saw a petition on Facebook too, this is a serious issue! lol

  5. What I can't understand is why they cancel good shows but will never cancel the stupid reality shows! The Bachelor, Survivor, Real World -- I could go on. My favorite now live forever only in my Neflix queue :( .


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