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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Off Your Beaten Path

Most of us have a path we travel every day, at least during the week. From home, to work, then back home, and start over the next day. It's important to, when given the opportunity, to do things outside our usual routine. A lot of life can pass you by if you stick to the same path every day. You'd be amazed at the little things you encounter when you step outside your beaten path: run into old friends you haven't seen in a while, get a look a new construction, see new businesses opening up, run across free samples being handed out.

Routine can also be boring. When given the opportunity to mix things up a little, take it, you never know what you'll see or who you'll meet!


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  2. good tip...never know what you'll find on an unexpected detour :)


  3. That is so true. It reminds me of a quote. Here's the link

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  5. Totally agree! great point! I think I will take a different way to work tomorrow! :)


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