I never wanted to grow up

I never wanted to grow up. I was never the young girl aching to be a teenager. I didn't await for the day I would "become a woman." I read those "learn about your body" type books with huge fear, dreading the day that mother nature's "gift" would visit me. I couldn't understand why anyone would actually WANT 5 days of agony a month. I could care less how fast my boobs would grow.

Even prior to the day when the crimson river began, there was a singular day, that I remember very well, where I was reassured that growing up wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

There we were, my sister and I in the McDonalds play area, sliding down slides, swimming in ball balls...and one of the employees asked me to come out. He made me stand next to the height meter... and I was too tall. He told me I could not return into the play area. I was DEVASTATED. I ran back to my granpa's van and cried while my little sister continued to frolic with tube slides and multi-colored balls. The day still haunts me.

And that was my first introduction to pre-adulthood, rejection from the McDonald's Playplace lol

Now that I am an adult, adulthood isn't that bad, :-)


  1. Aw, that had to suck. I was never a playful type of kid to go to the play area because it looked unsanitary. However, i can relate to you about growing up. I don't like what I have to deal with and all of the new weird emotions it takes being a woman... and even being a minority in heat. It's so awkward lol

  2. I wanna be a kid again! ahaha. Sometimes.

  3. I too dreaded the "gift" & looked upon it with great disgust. LOL But, I actually looked forward to growing up; wearing a bra, carrying a purse, driving a car, having a romantic relationship...I couldn't wait. LOL

  4. I remember I couldn't wait to grow up...now at 48 I wonder what the rush was for me!! There are some years I would not want to repeat but I wouldn't mind experiencing some of my childhood over again. I loved climbing the tree in our front yard to read.


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