Starting the morning off right

In the wee hours of the morning, when you are kind of awake but wouldn't dare think of getting out of bed yet, that is when a lot of people worry. I have had many mornings, especially lately, when I'll wake up, lay and bed and worry about my grandma or other things. Joyce Meyer says that first thing in the morning is when the devil tries to grasp your mind.

This morning I was actively determined to not use my peak morning time to stress and worry. Instead, I thought happy thoughts. I pictured the future when my grandmother visits my new house for the first time, and us going on shopping trips. It started off my day much happier than the mornings where I let negative "what ifs" take over my mind.

Tomorrow morning, start your day off with happy thoughts and happy visions, and let those happy vibes carry you through the day.

^^ LOL, remember those from Myspace?


  1. Congrats on using your morning for thinking of happy thoughts instead of stressing. I try to do the same thing by reading and spending some time alone before the day gets super crazy! hope you had a great and relaxing weekend!

  2. This is what I do on Mondays, or when I had to drive in the snow and wanted to stay in bed instead. Ew.

    Nice glitter pic! ;)

  3. Really? Nothing since August 25th? C'mon now.


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