Where was I?

While to those on the West Coast who are accustomed to the earth quaking, yesterday's East Coast earthquake was negligible, to those of us who have never felt the sensation before, it was a pretty monumental day. I was in a staff meeting at work and we began to feel a rumble under our feet, then the rumble seemed to travel up the walls and to the roof, we then ran outside to find other people on the street standing outside also. This will be one of those "Where were you when...?" events I'll remember.

Some others I'll remember:

Where was I when Aaliyah died? Tomorrow, August 25th is the 10th anniversary of her death. I was on a train on the way from Colorado to Connecticut, and my uncle told me the news as her heard it over the radio. It was definitely sad to hear.

Where was I on 9/11? I was in World Civ class in highschool, and at the beginning of the period our teacher came in and said he saw on the TV in the teacher's lounge that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. At this point it was thought to be an accident. After the period was over, there was an announcement that school was closing and buses were awaiting pick-up outside. I then went home to watch hours upon hours of the footage from all the attacks. It was such a scary and sad day. It felt like the world stopped.

Where were you during key moments in history?


  1. Girl, I have NEVER felt anything like that before and I hope I never do again. The west coast folks laughing at us but I'll admit, I was scared! The scary thing is that MOST of us did what we should not have (including myself) and that was to run OUTSIDE. But we aren't (or weren't) situated on fault lines where earthquakes are typical and NONE of us were really prepared. It's eye opening to say the least. Now, we know nothing is amiss and we should be ready for anything.
    On another note, I was at a (shhhh) go-go when Aaliyah died and someone made an announcement over the speaker that she had passed. We all thought it was a joke but afterward we hear it on the radio and I cried like she was my best friend.
    9/11: I was driving to Bmore on my way to class when I heard the news on the radio. People were on the side of the road listening, couldn't get in touch with anyone because the cell phones were all dead. Definitely felt as if the world had come to a standstill.

  2. Aaliyah: I was at the corner bakery cafe, & a co-worker told me. I didn't believe him at first. Then, I saw it in the newspaper.

    9/11: I was in class, and my classmate (now Husband), came in & announced what had happened. I went home & it was all over TV.


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