What life do I want to live?

I often wonder if I am the only person who has a short attention span on what kind of life I want to live. From one day to another I can have a totally different idea on what my ideal day to day life would be.

Some days I want to be a busy working artist, walking around the city with a coffee mug, acting in two shows and promoting another all at the same time.

Some days I want to be a house wife, pop out some babies, clean the house to sparkling and have dinner parties.

Some days I want to be ultra fancy, wearing heels and make up to the grocery store, and partaking in upscale events on a regular basis.

Some days I want a complete work at home existence, being a successful money-making blogger and online personality running podcasts, and dominating social media.

I suppose my "perfect" life is combination of all four mixed with the awesomeness that is my real life now.

Does anyone else picture their "perfect" life differently on a day to day basis? lol


  1. I totally feel the same way .. I think that recently the dynamic of women ha shifted as if we can and should do it all or not we are failing ourselves like our"bar" was raised to an ultimate high .. And beliee me once you havr kids that feeling gets worse .. Im actually in the process of trying to realuze that there needs to be a balance ... Maybe our pace or expectatipns need to be expanded .. Like it will take some time ... Basically take the rush feeling away .. We unfortunately cant live our life like its a two hour movie

  2. @Maria - it's interesting that you mentioned living life like a two hour movie because I feel like movies and tv definitely play a part in giving me all these varying ideas of what I want lol.

  3. your perfect life is just like mine, lol...but those could all be the same life thankfully.

    if i had a well off hubby, i get to play the hostest with the mostest and do fancy dinner parties, go as his arm candy to events, be the mommy rockstar AND blog/write from home as a career. jackpot!

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  4. @socialitedreams - I'm with you! lol


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