On two occasions today I was remembered by people and it really made my day.

The first was at the hospital. On the elevator on the way up to visit my grandmother I came across the nurse who was with her on the night back in April when they thought she was going to die. The nurse remembered me and me and my grandpa, and my grandmother, she called her her "miracle lady" and even went up to visit her. She was definitely one of the best nurses my grandmother has had through this whole ordeal and being in multiple facilities. It has been 5 months since my grandmother originally left the hospital and was treated by her, and I'm sure she's seen plenty of patients since then,yet, this woman not only remembered my grandmother and her situation, but the family too. It just made me so happy to know that she cared enough to remember us.

The second was in the grocery store. I ran into the principle of the school I went to from pre-k to 3rd grade and later had a summer job at. She remembered who I was, and that I performed, told me she was proud of me and asked how my grandma was by name. How many students has she had in all these years and she remembered so many specifics about me? Once again, to know that she cared enough to remember so much about me all these years after all her students made me so happy.

People move through life so fast, so often just going through the motions with people, not taking time to listen to them, or care. It was amazing to me that despite how much time has passed or other patients or students, these two women remembered.

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  1. It is so nice to be remembered!!! The feeling is just awesome. How sweet of these two women; and then the principle to say she was proud of you...Awwww!


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