"Why God?"and faith

When things go wrong it can be easy to proclaim "Why, God, why?" The biggest thing about faith is that you have to know that while you may not know the answer to that question, the answer somehow affects the greater good somehow.

I had two family members lately that were let go from their jobs. The initial question of "why?" of course is there, but in the end, I believe both of these people needed to move on in their careers and life, and they had to be forcibly let go, to take their next steps.

No one wants bad things to happen, and we always want someone to blame when bad thing do happen. For persons with faith the key to believing is not wavering, even when you don't know WHY things happen. It's not easy to do, but it is a constant exercise to make faith stronger.


  1. Amen. This is a good time to start trusting Him like never before, I think. All or nothing. Now or never! At least, that is how it's been feeling for us.

  2. @Ek & The Saxophone Player's Wife - thanks for stopping by :-D


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