ABCs of Fall: C is for Chai, D is for Decorations

If you haven't already, check out A & B HERE.

C is for chai! I love a good chai tea latte. In the summer I'll occasionally get an iced chai, but nothing compares to a nice warm cup of chai with just a little bit of foam on the top. I love the spicy, cinnamonly goodness of a chai, I call it "Christmas in a cup" because the aroma and taste remind me of holiday goodness.

D is for decorations! I love a good opportunity to decorate something. Now that the temperatures have dropped a bit, I have changed the theme on my blog and on my twitter to fit the fall feel in the air. Since this will be our first fall in our new house I'm looking forward to decorating for fall/Halloween!


  1. Hey there, visiting from Mingle Monday! Love the idea of the ABCs of fall! Have a great week :)

  2. This is a great idea! I still have to try the chai teas!

  3. I could get down with some chai right about now. Good blog idea, btw.

  4. I love A-D so far...keep it going! I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit my blog sometime soon if you'd like...



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