ABCs of Fall: E is for Eagles

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With fall comes football season, and when you live in Philadelphia football season means the EAGLES. I thought my husband would be in a much better position than me to give an Eagles post, so this is brought to you by him:

When LaNeshe asked me what E stood for in regards to fall, I said what any red-blooded Philadelphian would say: E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!! However, at 1-3, I should have said Eggs. Rotten Eggs. Actually, maybe not, cause I would still be talking about the Eagles. Man, what a joke these clowns have been in the first quarter of this year. Andy Reid truly has to be on his last legs with them. How much football angst can Philly take? Take Mike Vick for instance. Love him or Hate him, he's a beast. He takes you to the playoffs relativly easy as a backup. This year you sign him to a huge deal. Surely you're gonna protect with the best line you can get right? WRONG. Most of the O line is comprised of rookies and generally untested guys. It's like getting a deluxe paintjob on a 82 Pinto, pointless. Vick has so far sustained a concussion and a broken hand. And it's only week 5. Also, the playcalling. Atrocious. LeSean Mccoy is a great back, can catch, and can rack up yards on the ground. How does Andy follow a 100+ yard game from Mccoy? By running the ball only 29 percent of the time, in a loss of course. They could have won in Atlanta, and they just totally loss focus against San Fran. These are coaching and general manager problems. My advice? Fire Andy. He's had his turn. I want a coach that will return my Fall to me! Till then....E is for Phillies!


  1. Great job! I love this! I am a huge football fan & I couldn't agree more! Maybe coach was resting on the fact that Vick can run? He is beast & I had high expectations for these guys! Boo =(

  2. Being from somewhere other than Philly, I'm not an Eagles fan. However I am a generous sports fan (as long as you don't beat my team lol) and would like to offer some encouragement. I have seen teams start with really bad records, losing a few before they finally win, and still managing to come back and do a turn around to make the playoffs.
    Being from Canada, my football season starts in July, but fall still means more football, start of hockey, and Evolving colours of leaves (do you like how I did that? lol).


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