Anti-Gender Roles WIN

I was flipping through the recent Sears Toy Shop brochure looking for Christmas present ideas for my niece and was SO happy to see the page below:

What made me so happy you ask? That would be the little BOY pushing a PINK toy vacuum cleaner. It made me so happy. This is a step in the right direction to tackling socially ingrained gender roles. Boys can like pink, boys can clean. 
I for one am SO OVER the notion that women are the cleaners and cookers and child raisers of the family. In a world like we live in now where both the man and woman in a relationship have to work to be financially stable, cooking, cleaning, and child watching needs to be a joint effort. 

I hope there is a little boy somewhere in the world who is excited and asking for a little pink vacuum cleaner. Now I just need to see a little girl playing happily with a toy truck :-)


  1. This is SO awesome! My fiance and I were shopping for our niece in the toy section the other day and were completely appalled! Not only was the "girls section" limited to Barbies and all things princess-y, but some of those dolls look like hookers! Is that really what we want little girls being constantly exposed to??

    And who says little boys have to play with cars and Transformers? The hubby-to-be and I decided that if our son wants to play with a Barbie, so be it! As for our niece, we settled on a *gender-neutral* Elmo guitar. Gotta love Sesame Street!

  2. I might be able to find a couple old pictures of me playing with tonka trucks, hot wheels, and micro machines, and other such things. I prefered playing with 'boy' toys than 'girl' toys. I dismembered and decapitated the one barbie doll I ever owned.


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