ABCs of Fall: I is for Ideal Weather & Impending Holidays

Ideal Weather: 

Now, while there was a Nor'easter this weekend, bringing SNOW in October, the weather at the ONSET of fall is ideal lol. Second to spring, I find it the most comfortable weather. Being able to walk around with just a light sweater on, on a solid 70 degree day is awesome. It's so strange how 70 degrees in the fall feels different than 70 degrees in the spring.

Impending Holidays: 

I know I'm not the only one thinks Thanksgiving and Christmas at the first sight of leaves falling. Fall brings us into the "holiday season." Thanksgiving -> Christmas -> My Birthday -> Valentines Day .... do you see how I think ahead? lol

Check out A - H of the ABCs of Fall HERE. Depending on how fast it gets really cold, the series might transition into the ABCs of winter mid-alphabet lol


  1. Haha I love how you think ahead! I do that too as soon as I flip the calendar to October!

    And 70 in fall is so different than spring! 70 in fall is hello sweater and in spring I say HELLO SHORTS! haha

  2. Your I is bang on...the weather was crazy this weekend....and bring on the holidays..there really is something magical in the air around that time!


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