The ABCs of Fall: K is for Kids

The fall makes me think of kids- having my own kids, and how it felt to be a kid at this time of year. The anticipation of Thanksgiving break, and then winter break. Crafting gift wish lists. Decorating. Holiday parties at school. Playing in the leaves. Delicious holiday foods. My grandma checking to see I'm wearing a warm enough coat, hat and gloves --- well actually, she still does that, even from three states away lol

I'm excited for the falls of the future where my husband and I will have added to our family, and we get to show our kids old traditions, and create new ones.

Check out A-J of the ABCs of Fall series HERE.

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  1. I've loved watching my friends kid (he's 4, almost 5) off and on this fall. Kids have so much energy!! A nice long day outside and then inside to heat up with a cup of cocoa. Mmm! Can't wait to read about your family expansions whenever that time comes :-)


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