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Hooray! This is my very first Blogger Spotlight! Today I will spotlight Marie of

Marie is definitely one of my favorite bloggers. I probably found her via a natural hair post, but her blog is about so much more than hair, which is why I like it so much. She blogs about fashion, beauty, life and food. I don't think I've seen a recipe of hers yet that I didn't love. She actually turned me on to parmesan shrimp which I make with pasta tossed with a little olive oil - it is now one of my husband's favorite dishes!

See what Marie had to say about her blogging experiences:

How long have you been blogging? 
Over two years.

What made you start a blog?  
Reading blogs. I was inspired by people who shared their lives & their knowledge; and were earning income from it by blogging. The beautiful photos, and the discussions/interactions that happened between complete strangers also interested me. I thought it all super cool & wanted to experience the other side of blogging.  

What was your vision when you first started blogging and how has that changed over time?   question, with a rather long answer! LOL When I first started blogging, my vision was to be a “big-time” food blogger. I wanted my old blog to be the next Smitten Kitchen; in fact, I wanted it to be bigger! After a year or so, I discovered that that wasn’t going to happen because the blog started to feel like an obligation. I loved food, and cooking & sharing that experience with every new recipe, but that wasn’t all that I wanted to share. I wanted to blog about style & shopping, talk about hair, and express my personal thoughts on random subjects like jealousy, and being a "quiet person"; as well as blogging about food.

I’d finally realized that I started that blog off a bad, and not to mention impossible vision…only Smitten Kitchen can be Smitten Kitchen! LOL I had to be me; so, the “wanna-be” blog was closed, and I started a fresh one; a blog that was…that is all me, and all that I truly care about. Now, my vision is clear & genuine: to continue blogging about what I love, be who I am, try my best, continue to grow the blog and hopefully monetize it successfully enough to earn a decent, steady stream of income.

You seem to have a nice blog following, what do you think contributes to that (besides your awesome content :-D) ? 
Thanks! Yes, good content is key & good photos go a long way. Updating regularly (at the very least, once a week) also helps, as well as keeping readers in the know when new posts will be delayed. Most avid blog readers don’t like to be left hanging without updates! LOL I get complimented on the aesthetics of my blog, so I definitely think a good design draws new readers to follow.

I’m also a member on different online forums/sites that interest me. Other members can find a link to my blog in my profile, and I inbox online friends with personal invites. I’ve also recommended my blog for special blog features & spotlights, like this one;)

What advice do you have for the aspiring blogger?
Pick a topic, or a few that you really love, open an account, & start blogging! It’s cool to be inspired by other blogs, but don’t do like I did & totally base your blog after theirs. That’s a sure-fire way to lose interest in blogging.   Try to update on a consistent basis, and keep a blog notebook nearby at all times. You never know what random thoughts (& things that happen throughout your day) could make a great blog post. You want to have something to jot it down (or type it in), before it escapes you.   Lastly, keep at it. If blogging really interests you, don’t stop.

Tell us about your blog design company. What made you start it?
MerelyBlogDesign is a blog design service that caters to niche, personal, and small business bloggers. I design blog logos, headers, buttons, and layouts to meet the needs of my clients.   Supplementing my blog with a product/service was always in my vision. The idea to create these specific services became clear to me when I realized how much time I spent in the design section of my Blogger dashboard; I loved going in there & changing things around & adding CSS codes for a new look (almost more than writing posts)! Only after that did I remember that I am a professional graphic designer. LOL All the compliments that I’d received on my blog’s design rolled into my head soon after, to seal the deal; and MerelyBlogDesign was born. 

Where on the internet outside of your blog can you be found?   I’m on Facebook, Pinterest, & MerelyBlogDesign 

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  1. Okay! I always try this on my phone with no success. Does it ever stop me from trying? Nope! Anyway, I like the write up and her advice on blogging. Someone should highlight you since you're a good blogger. Perhaps I should take up the horn on that one. Hmmm. :0)

  2. Yay!!! I never tried the shrimp with pasta...must give that a go. Thanks again LaNeshe for the awesome spotlight:)

  3. @ccarothers - :-D
    @MerelyMarie - thank YOU for participating!


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