Why I love "Reed Between the Lines"

It's the only show that makes me dare to turn my television to BET --- "Reed Between the Lines." When I saw the previews I was excited for the show to premiere and I have not been disappointed. Why do I love "Reed Between the Lines"?

Tracee Ellis Ross - I will admit, I wasn't a big "Girlfriends" fan. (*gasp* I know lol). I did like the show, and I watched many of the reruns, but I wasn't awaiting each new episode, I can't even tell you what night it came on. What I do know that made me like the show was Tracee Ellis Ross. I find her to be a nice actress, and funny, and stylish, and of course - I love her hair! She was a great leading lady then, and she continues to carry that title in "Reed."

A relationship like mine - I ADORE the relationship between Tracee Ellis and Malcolm Jamal Warner's characters. It is quite honestly the closest representation of the type of relationship my husband and I have. They are goofy, and loving and just, real. I haven't seen a couple this close to how we are since "My Wife and Kids." I love having the representation of a loving stable Black relationship on television. It balances all the other representations we see too often of non committed and overtly sexual relationships.

Content - The show touches on natural hair, being yourself, honesty, etc. etc. Wholesome topics. Many critics say it's too cookie cutter but I for one am happy to see a family friendly dialogue on television. I am happy to see issues discussed in a universal way.  It doesn't rival the Cosby Show, but I think it does make great strides in presenting a stable family and family values in a time when reality TV has been ruling.

Have you watched "Reed Between the Lines"? What do you think of it?


  1. i havent had time to watch reed between the lines because of work but I loved the previews it did look promising glad to hear it was a success that other show BET tried to do that came on after the game didnt do so well...i cant even recall the name lol...so hopefully this show will last

  2. I love this show 100%.


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