ABCs of Fall/Winter: L is for LIGHTS

As the temperature gets a little colder, this ABCs series will slowly turn from Fall to Winter... hopefully I finish before I have to include Spring too lol.


One of my favorite parts of the season. Lights on houses, lights in doors, lights on Christmas trees, candle light. It's all a win. I sadly have not gotten decorations for our house yet but I plan to on Saturday. I don't think any fall/winter/holiday festivities are complete without some sort of festive lighting. And no matter what people celebrate during this time, light, is often important.

How are lights incorporated into this time of year for you?

For A - K of the ABCs of Fall/Winter series go HERE.


  1. Love, love, LOVE candle light! It's funny how obsessed I've recently become with scented candles.

  2. Oh i like your ABCs...i love lights around xmas time! so pretty!

  3. i have lights EVERYWHERE!!! LoL on the stairs...around the tree...around the windows...i just love the way they look!

  4. I love lights!! This year I have been obsessed with the ones like the last pic you posted! I love this time of the year =D

  5. @Nicole - I really want to get those icicle looking lights for the front of the house!

    @ms.composure - Lights = win!


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