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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If you like the internet, you like the internet...

Very often, especially in the summer months, you'll see people on social networks  (ironically) telling people to get out of the house and away from the computer to enjoy the outdoors, or interact with people in person. I do find this to be valid. To me, it is important to get out and be social in person, enjoy the outdoors, etc. BUT, who are we to judge the "best" or "most valuable" way for someone else to spend their time?

If a person finds absolute joy in never leaving their computer desk over the weekend, is that so bad? If after a hard week's work they only want to communicate with other people through screens and microphones is that so wrong? I don't see anything wrong with a person who is ABLE to be social, but prefers to lock themselves down with gadgets, doing so.

It took me a long time to come to terms with this though. My husband and I are very opposite in that to me the weekend isn't a weekend if I don't get to get out of the house and do something. To him, the more times he has to leave the house over the weekend, the less of a weekend it is lol. At first I couldn't understand for the life of me why someone would not want to get out and be social in the "real" world instead of the virtual one. But you know what? Everyone is different, and all forms of entertainment, as long as they don't hurt others, are valid.

When you have off-time, do you prefer the real world or the virtual world?


  1. i'm like your husband...it starts to feel exhausting being out all weekend after i've been on my feet and out all week for work. give me my chair and computer, i'm good. i HAVE to interact with "real" people everyday, they aren't that awesome lol

  2. I like going out, but lately I've been spending money on Christmas, so...I'm forced to stay inside.

  3. @Thu- yea, I think after New Years I'll probably be in hibernation except for my birthday.

  4. I like a mix of the two, but prefer real world if my family is there. I can stay in front of the computer screen for long periods of time & be completely happy though.

  5. Wow, my DH and I are just like your household. I like to get an early start at least one weekend day and I feel so accomplished when I'm completed things. DH loves to spend as much time as possible home relaxing to say he enjoyed the weekend.

  6. @mrstdj - yea, you guys are like us. To each his/her own I suppose! Thanks for commenting :-)

    @MerelyMarie - Yea, I think a mix of the two is nice, depending on your mood you might prefer one or the other.

  7. I wish I could just stay home like your husband. I often want to stay and finish up projects and chores but when I do, it's only a matter of time when I begin to feel like I'm in a cage if I don't leave my house for some amount of time, especially on the weekends. How much time is enough? At least long enough for me to yearn for home again.

  8. @a2ndshot - yea, I think once ur out long enough to want to go home, then home long enough to want to go out, its a good balance.

  9. For me I love both, I like hanging out with people and I love talking to people on the web! If I want to see you call me we'll have lunch and I if I don't want to see you poke me on facebook!


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