Black AND Latino

I came across this video and I thought it was so phenomenal that I couldn't wait until next week to post it for YouTube Tuesday. This was produced by Mun2 and is such an interesting discussion on what it means to be Black AND Latino. I enjoyed hearing the perspectives of all those interviewed. We forget that issues of skin color and hair texture are not just limited to the context of African Americans in the U.S. It is a constant universal conversation. Check it out.


  1. There are a lot of black and Latino in the industry...

  2. Love this video, glad someone is finally waking up and relaxing that yes a person can be latino and still be black! I don't care what a person is anyway but happy that there is a conversion going on!

  3. Mixed identities...I always like hearing their experiences. Especially if they're mixed of 2 minority groups, it gives quite an interesting perspective.


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