Walgreens vs. Express Scripts

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I am fortunate enough to not have ever needed a constant prescription until a few years ago, and even then, it's family planning prescriptions and not the result of an ailment. I learned early on the importance of a reliable and easily accessible pharmacy and pharmacist. And when I realized there was such thing as a DRIVE-THROUGH pharmacy, it was a happy day.

Currently, many Americans are having their usual pharmacy visit routine shaken up. With all the other things life requires I can't imagine, especially in a case where I had multiple prescriptions, having to seek out and move pharmacies. This very thing is happening to many people and families as a result of termination of contract between Walgreens and Express Scripts. The result of this is patients covered by an Express Scripts plan now find themselves not only having to change their pharmacists, but many are having to drive farther to get prescriptions filled at pharmacies with less convenient hours for their hectic schedules and no longer have access to Walgreens 24-hour and drive-thru pharmacies.

A specific segment of American's being directly affected by this is military personnel and their families, who use Tricare, which is a health and prescription program for military service men and women.  During negotiations, Walgreens attempted to protect the pricing and even contract separately for individuals with Tricare but no consensus was come to, leaving those individuals, who I'm sure have much more to think about than finding a new pharmacy, out of luck.

I am easily agitated when the people's needs are trampled on for the sake of greed or ill negotiation. Does it not make sense that a person should be able to fill a prescription at whatever pharmacy  is nearest and easiest for them to access? It's enough that people are paying sometimes insane prices for medication they NEED to survive, but to make them spend the extra time and gas money to relocate and drive to a new pharmacy makes matters even worse.

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