Kids these days?

I came across the video below and had a few different reactions. If you haven't seen, Jimmy Kimmel created YouTube challenge asking parents to give their kids horrible Christmas presents and film their reactions.

Now, I don't have kids, but I find it completely ABSURD when the children THREW the unwanted presents at their parents. Sure, it's not what you wanted, but as a child to have the audacity, and braveness to throw something at their parents! Should a child not have the discipline to not throw a pack of taco seasoning at their mom, even if they were expecting to open a Barbie doll?

Speaking of Barbie dolls, the reactions of the two boys who received Barbie dolls was SO EXTREME. You could see in their face that they felt like the world was laughing at their boyhood. Ingrained gender rolls strike again.

While I think it was a pretty cruel thing for the parents to do to their children, this is a clear example that the meaning of Christmas is still being lost. Kids want gifts, of course. But, we've got to teach them to be grateful for what they are given, regardless, even if they aren't at the age yet where we start teaching them that the season is about giving, not getting.

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