What do I want?

Sometimes it can get so frustrating to want so many different things, and overwhelming to actually figure out what needs to be done to jump-start getting what you want.

What do I want? My driver's license.
First step to obtaining it: Studying the driver's manual so I can take the driver's permit test.

What do I want? To increase blog visibility and traffic.
First step to obtaining it: I believe content is key, so I need to get my creative juices flowing and make time to post regularly.

What do I want? More steady acting work.
First step to obtaining it: Making myself make time to find auditions and audition more frequently.

What do I want? To make upgrades to my house.
First step to making it happen: Pick one of the many blog posts that I have stored away in the "Home Decor" tag in my Google reader and actually make the plan to tackle one of the projects.

What do YOU want?

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  1. Great question to ask yourself...documenting the answers does bring about a certain clarity. I know exacting what you mean.

    I want many things right now. #1 on the list is...another cup of coffee. #2 is to self host my blog...or figure out if it's really worth doing.


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