Way Too Many GamesWithFriends

Games are supposed to be fun right?

It all started with Words with Friends. It was such an exciting concept, playing a live scrabble game with a friend I actually knew. It was a great time passer, and I even got my mom playing. After Words with Friends came Hanging with Friends. This was also an exciting venture. It's like hangman, but I can play it with my friends from afar, how cool, right? Now, upon having Words with Friends and Hanging with friends both going, my iPhone notifications of games awaiting me to take my turn increased. I think I constantly had at least one game awaiting my attention. It almost became a chore. I don't like having unchecked notifications on my iPhone screen, and leaving them there was driving me crazy lol. THEN, this week, enter Scramble with Friends. I also love this game, but there are just too many games! I get more game notifications on my phone than I do texts or calls lol. On top of the "with friends" games I'm also playing Hero Academy. What am I to do with all these games?! lol

My username on all the games are Nesheaholic, if you play and want to challenge me ;-)

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  1. ooh i am addicted tooo...i am finding you with hanging with friends...too fun!


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